We were supposed to have the salted fish Kalli brought back from Iceland for dinner this Saturday. Thing is, we forgot to put it to soak in water in time and thus we had to postpone this particular meal. My Brother phoned me up as I was out shopping this morning and I told him about our predicament. He told me that him and his girlfriend had had wallenburgare earlier this week and that it had been really nice and that he thought we should give it a try. The last time I had wallenburgare was at my dad’s 80th birthday party, eight or so years ago. I remember really, really enjoying it.

We use a lot of milk and other dairy produce in our cooking. Non-milk-producing calves has to be used for something. Let’s make wallenbergare!

The burgers:
400 grams of veal, three egg yolks, 3 dl of cream, salt and pepper. Mix and shape on carving board covered in bread crumbs. Fry.



Serve with:
green peas
mashed potatoes

We also had:
The lingonberry sauce leftover from last night’s meal (went wonderfully) and a green leaf salad with feta cheese and walnuts.

Kalli topped his burger with a mix of fried onion and bacon. This, apparently, was very good.


The Toscana Sangiovese left over from last night was quite suitable with the meal.