Chili-rubbed Steak Tacos

Incredibly fresh tasting, and presumably quite healthy too. Recipe derived from here.

Fillet steak is rubbed in cinnamon, garlic, cayenne and chili powder; and thereafter fried.
2014-04-21 17.52.49

A salad is made with avocado cubes, cucumber cubes, red onion, cilantro and lime juice.
2014-04-21 17.53.16

Shredded red cabbage. I think the cheese slicer is the best tool for doing this.
2014-04-21 17.53.22

Slice the meat.
2014-04-21 17.58.00

Serve in warmed tortillas. Squeeze some more lime juice on to taste. I added a bit of salt.
2014-04-21 18.04.34