Thai Sallad with Chicken

Really, really delicious! So fresh and summery. Also easy to make. Recipe derived from here.

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Chicken Salad with Coriander Pesto


After having eating restaurant food for a week it was nice to have, and cook, a homemade meal. This dish is taken from the Hemköp Magazine “Hemlagat”, of summer 2014. (Although slightly modified me having added more garlic and parmesan.) This is a perfect spring/summer dish, and quite easy to make too.

Mix the following in a large bowl:
1 kg of new potatoes, cooked and cut into pieces
1 bunch of asparagus, cooked and cut into large pieces
8 spring onions, cut into small pieces
1 cucumber, deseeded and cut into half moon pieces
400 gr chicken fillet cut in pieces and fried in butter, spiced with salt and pepper


Blend the following and add it to the sallad:
I bunch of coriander
2 cloves of garlic
50 gr of parmesan
2 tbsp of white balsamic vinegar
1,5 dl of olive oil
salt and pepper

Garnish with roasted flaked almonds and either cress or coriander.

We had some Schneider Weisse with this, which was nice. A dry rosé might also be nice.

Bon apetit!

Kalli äter

For vegetarians the chicken could be exchanged for quorn or halloumi. Fried courgettes or haricot verts would probably fit quite nicely in there.

Caesar salad

For the second weekend in a row we are making caesar salad. It is not only delicious, nice and healthy, but also reasonably easy to make.

Grill some chicken breasts, spiced with salt and peppar. Cook some bacon until crisp. Cut a few slices of white bread into squares and fry them in butter and garlic (croutons). Cut a couple of romano sallad heads into pieces and mix with a sliced red onion.

– 1 dl of mayonasie
– 1 tsp of French mustard
– 1 clove of garlic crushed
– 3-4 sardines
– 1 tsp of honey
– 4 tbsp of finely grated parmesan
– salt, pepper, lemonjuice

Mix sallad, cut up chicken and onion. Mix with dressing. Add coctail tomatoes, crumbled crispy bacon, croutons and slices of parmesan.

We had Stonleigh Chardonnay (nr 6427) with it. Good match!

Chicken baguette

An easy to make, and in our house very popular dinner, is the chicken baguette meal. We slice chicken in thin slices and spice the slices generously with American barbecue spice. The chicken is left to absorb the spices for a bit and then grilled in the grill pan. Everyone makes their own sandwiches at the table and puts whatever he or she likes in them. These are the ingredients on offer:

– lettuce or spinach
– red onion
– peppers
– tomatoes
– homemade guacamole
– mayonaise
– sour cream
– french mustard
– bacon

Green Thai Curry

This recipe for green thai curry is derived from Systembolagets recipe site. The dish is easy to make and fantastically tasty.

This is how it is done:

Cut 600 grams of chicken into cubes. Cut four carrots into thin slices and half a leek into slanted slices. Finely chop one green chili, 50 grams of ginger and one garlic clove. Fry all but the chicken in some oil on high heat. Crush two strands of lemongrass. Add lemongrass, three lime leaves, two teaspoons of fish sauce and three teaspoons of green curry paste. Fry for another minute. Add two cans of coconut milk (original recipe says one but we added two) and a deciliter of water. Add salt and leave to simmer for five minutes. Fry the chicken for a couple of minutes on high heat. Add to the curry and leave to simmer for another five minutes. Take the lemongrass out.

Serve with fresh lime, fresh coriander and jasmin rice.

The original recipe.

Homemade Red Thai Curry Paste

My surprise dinner after having been away in Kraków for five days was red Thai chicken curry and Kalli made the curry paste himself.

This is how the paste is made:

Blend the following: 3 shallots, 3 garlic cloves, one walnut sized piece of ginger peeled and chopped, one lime zested and juiced, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tsp ground cumin, 2 tsp ground coriander, 1 tsp ground black pepper, one lemon grass stalk roughly chopped.

Fry the paste in a bit of oil pour in one can of coconut milk. Add meat and desired vegetables. Cook for about ten minutes.

Serve with rice. The dish was delicious and the smell in the kitchen was fantastic while the curry being cooked.

A Spring Dinner

This dinner turned out a very pleasant surprise. While cooking it I was quite skeptical, but in all its simplicity it turned out wonderful.

This is how you do it:

Beat a couple of egg whites on a plate adding salt and pepper. Turn as many chicken fillets in the egg white as you want to serve, and turn them thereafter in finely grated Parmesan cheese. In the mean time, boil some new potatoes and heat some frozen peas. Cook the chicken in a grill pan coated with tin foil. We ended up frying it in oil for the last few minutes. When the potatoes and peas are done, mix them with fresh spinach leaves. Make a dressing out of white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and mix this in with the vegetables. All is now ready to be served.

This is where the original recipe is derived from.

Luxurious Simplicity Times Two

We’ve had two very tasty dishes this weekend. Both have felt quite luxurious and special, but on making them I have realised they will both do for quite easy-to-make everyday dishes. The first one was quesadillas, the second one pasta with pesto.

The quesadillas were made by first frying chopped yellow onion, chopped red and green peppers and chopped chili fruit for about 5 minutes. Remove from pan and add chicken cut into thin strips, chopped garlic and cumin. When the chicken is done (ca 3 minutes) add the vegetables back into the pan together with fresh chopped coriander, lime juice, salt and pepper. Thereafter add some of the mixture to half of a flour tortilla, add grated cheese, fold over and fry in oil until cheese is melted and bread slightly browned. Serve with sallad.

The pesto was made by blending the following ingredients in a food processor: pine nuts, fresh basil, garlic, grated parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper. Go easy on the salt – the cheese is quite salty in itself. Mix the ready mixed pesto with pasta. We served the pasta with grilled chicken fillet and whole fried mushrooms.

The original recipes can be found here:
Pasta with pesto