I Made My Own Paneer – And it Was Dead Easy

01One of my favourite Indian dishes is Mutter Paneer. Paneer, which is the main ingredient of the dish is a fresh cheese which I now have learned is very easy to make. It is made from two ingredients only: whole milk and lemon.

Mutter Paneer is the dish in the foreground. Behind it you can see Alu Goobi and Dhal.

This is how you make the paneer:

1) Heat up two liters of full fat un-pasteurised milk. Use just enough heat to make it boil without burning.

2) Boil for a bit stirring constantly so the bottom wont burn.

3) Turn heat down and add the juice of a lemon. The milk will now curdle – curds and whey will separate. Stir gently while the process takes place.


4) Line a colander with a clean cheese cloth and pour the content into it. Squeeze the liquid out and close it, with a plastic bag clamp for example.


5) Put it on a plate and weigh it down with something heavy.


5) After about half an hour the paneer can be cut into pieces and used in cooking.


I used this recipe for the Mutter Paneer.

We also had Alu Goobi and Dhal.


The dhal during cooking:

Manula visa hur man gör paneer:



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